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Gather Flora

Gather Flora

Greater Bay Area, California

Your online, industry marketplace for amazing, local flowers.
Our mission is to strengthen your local flower markets by improving and simplifying the experience of buying and selling local flowers.

Local flowers at your fingertips

Order fresh, high-quality flowers with clear visibility into the seasonality, origins and cultivation of your flowers.

Browse and search the web shops of your favorite farms and local-minded wholesalers, or search and shop your full regional availability.

Simplified Availability

Vendors can automate publication of availability lists and still post live updates to products, quantities, permissions, and details at any time. Orders automatically decrement vendor availability, and aggregate into your vendor pick lists.

Choose your own customers. Share your availability with the whole site, or just wholesale permit holders, or just your distributor, or with your own custom list.

Connecting Farms, Wholesalers, and Florists

Shop availability vendor by vendor, or shop their full regional availability in one place. Search for flowers or for the availability list of your favorite vendor.

Choose between vendor-provided fulfillment options. Purchase online with card or paypal. Automatically receive invoices.

Available now to Northern California growers and buyers